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Elder Law Attorney, Lori R. Somekh has a passion for protecting our seniors. She is from New Haven, Connecticut and was admitted to practice law in New York and the Federal Courts. She established her own firm in 1997. Ms. Somekh serves her clients’needs with vigor and high energy. She’s especially determined to help those in need affecting personal health and family wealth. With more than twenty years of experience, you are in good hands with Ms. Lori Somekh! While available, book a free consultation.

  • Trust & Estates

When your family faces a difficult situation with a family member such as a stroke, needs a nursing home or needs a probate proceeding, an elder law attorney can help. You need an experienced lawyer with knowledge in the field. We understand local laws and can help you get the best results. The Law Office of Somekh & Associates have years of experience dealing with these important issues. We make it easier to plan for your future and ensure that all legal matters are taken care of, protecting your assets and carrying out your wishes.

  • Real Estate Attorneys

At Somekh & Associates, we have the experience and expertise in real estate law; we can assist you with any transaction involving buying, selling or leasing, as well as handling foreclosures from the lender or borrower side, help in receiving financing and negotiations. There are a lot of benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer to assist with the process. Some of the services we offer are the following: • Describe all the legal terms of the contract, whether you’re purchasing or selling. • Explain any inconsistencies in the documents and recommend a better course of action. • Evaluate any easements, liens or obligations the property has on record. • Prepare all necessary documentation. • Clarify the mortgage terms and negotiate any necessary changes. • Calculate all the tax liabilities related to purchasing or selling real estate. • Accompany you during the closing of the contract and review any paperwork that needs to be signed. • Confirm that the deed to the property you receive is only subject to the terms you’ve agreed to, including liens or easements.

  • How an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

Experienced estate planning lawyers will assist you in a variety of ways. They will chat with you regarding the state of your financial affairs, your personal property, the estate planning goals you have, how to cover the needs of your loved ones after your passing or disability and your healthcare wishes. Somekh & Associates will ensure that your wishes are carried out, and continue to manage your estate so you can rest assured that your benefactors are being taken care of. Some of the ways Somekh & Associates can help are: • Prepare a Power of Attorney in case of disability. • Drafting all manner of trusts, including living trusts and irrevocable trusts. • Developing plans to lower or avoid estate taxes and make sure that your property and savings are not taken by creditors after your death. • Will preparation. • Manage the probate process if required. • Advice in guardianship or conservatorship matters.

  • Elder law is defined by the client’s needs, instead of a particular field.

For this reason, Somekh & Associates are aware that the seniors needs likely surpass the basic legal services, and we have connections to a network of professionals who assist you or your loved one. We advocate for the seniors and their loved ones, helping with issues linked to health care, retirement, guardianship, Medicare and Medicaid and estate planning among others. By focusing on the needs of the older population, we take care of day to day issues like planning for the future and assisted living, should this situation be required. An elder care lawyer can help with a variety of problems, including: • Discussing the importance of creating a will, planning your estate, probate proceedings and caring for a disabled or special needs family member. • Create a legally binding power of attorney. • Assist with health care and planning, including Medicare/Medicaid assistance, patient rights, assisted living options and long-term care options. • Help with financial matters, such as income, estate, and tax. • Explain the rights of residents in nursing homes and help with any claims. • Draft living wills, including powers of attorney. Choosing Somekh & Associates as your  Law Firm Somekh & Associates takes this advocacy seriously. We regularly represent clients that have been punished by the legal system, taking them all the way before the Supreme Court and Surrogate’s Court of New York State, civil courts, and appellate courts. The litigation service that we offer also encompasses recovery of property, large estate matters and distribution of assets. We are extremely focused and will do everything possible to achieve your goals.

  • Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney assists you with planning out your future. Somekh & Associates can help you in this matter, offering customized advice, paying attention to tax consequences, any concerns regarding the family relationship and efficient administration services. As estate planning attorneys, we can advise you on getting your affairs in order and how to prepare for the possibility of mental or physical disabilities and eventual death. Estate planning doesn’t just encompass the creation and execution of a will. Somekh & Associates will work closely with you, discussing your needs, goals and available options to create a solution that works for you and your family. Should you become physically or mentally incapacitated, we can prepare powers of attorney, so you know who will be managing your affairs if you are not able to.

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Preventing problems before they occur is critically important. And, if you have an elderly parent or another relative experiencing challenges with Medicaid or asset protection, I can help answer your questions.

When an elderly loved one is going through a difficult illness and decisions must be made – you have enough to worry about. You’ll know you’ve done the right things and breathe easier when the complex legal matters have been taken care of and you can focus on your family once again.

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