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Trust & Estates for residents of Morris Park

When your  family members  encounters a difficult situation with a  relative such as a stroke, needs a  assisted living facility or needs a probate proceeding, an elder  legislation  lawyer can  assist.

Lori Somekh with clientYou need an experienced  attorney with  understanding in the field.

We comprehend local laws and can assist you get the most effective results.

The Law of Somekh & Associates have years of experience dealing with these important issues.

Real Estate Attorneys in Morris Park

At Somekh & Associates, we have the experience and proficiency in property legislation

How an Estate Planning  Attorney Can  Assist

Areas Somekh & Associates in Morris Park can assist are:

• Prepare a Power of Attorney in case of  special needs.

• Preparing all type of counts on, including living counts on and irreversible trust.

• Developing  strategies to lower or avoid  inheritance tax and  see to it that your  residential property and savings are not taken by  financial institutions after your death.

• Will prep work.

• Manage the probate process if required.

• Recommendations in guardianship or conservator-ship issues.

Elder Law is specified by the  customer’s  requirements, instead of a  specific  area.

Estate Preparation Lawyer in Morris Park

An estate planning  lawyer  aids you with planning out your future.

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