Weekly Newsletter – Common Estate Planning Issues You Must Navigate When Contemplating a Second (or More) Marriage

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Common Estate Planning Issues You Must Navigate When Contemplating a Second (or More) Marriage   These days, second and even third marriages are fairly commonplace. And the estate planning issues that arise from multiple marriages can be highly complex and confusing. Merging two families into one presents unique legal and financial challenges that can cause significant conflict and distress unless … Read More

Weekly Newsletter – The Real Cost of Caring

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The Real Cost of Caring   Dealing with the financial stressors of caring for an aging loved one can affect your ability to provide them with the care and compassion they need. It can also put the security of your financial future at risk.   To mitigate these concerns, consider these useful tips to help you make informed decisions about … Read More

Weekly Newsletter – The Importance of a DocuBank Membership ​

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The Importance of a DocuBank Membership ​ Advance directives are legal documents that help you control your health care wishes and relieve stress from your family and doctors. That is, assuming your family and doctors are able to get a copy of them at that crucial time.   Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. A recent study found that emergency room doctors were … Read More


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Guardianships provide a necessary intervention for people who are no longer able to act on their own behalf. The firm of Somekh & Associates is experienced in this delicate and very important area of elder law. Guardianships can deliver this important function for people who are unable to act on their own volition. The law firm of Somekh & Associates has … Read More

Estate Planning Attorney

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Estate Planning Attorney An estate planning attorney assists you with planning out your future. Somekh & Associates can help you in this matter, offering customized advice, paying attention to tax consequences, any concerns regarding the family relationship and efficient administration services. As estate planning attorneys, we can advise you on getting your affairs in order and how to prepare for the possibility of … Read More

Elder Law Attorney Services

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Elder Law Attorney – Why Hire This Specialist? An Elder Law Attorney is a specialist in an area of law that is often misunderstood and quite often, misrepresented. It is defined by the client’s needs, instead of a particular field. For this reason, Somekh & Associates are aware that elders needs likely goes beyond basic legal services. We have connections to … Read More