Estate Planning Attorney

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Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney assists you with planning out your future. Somekh & Associates can help you in this matter, offering customized advice, paying attention to tax consequences, any concerns regarding the family relationship and efficient administration services. As estate planning attorneys, we can advise you on getting your affairs in order and how to prepare for the possibility of mental or physical disabilities and eventual death.

Estate planning doesn’t just encompass the creation and execution of a will. Somekh & Associates will work closely with you, discussing your needs, goals and available options to create a solution that works for you and your family.

Should you become physically or mentally incapacitated, we can prepare powers of attorney, so you know who will be managing your affairs if you are not able to.

How an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

Experienced estate planning lawyers will assist you in a variety of ways. They will chat with you regarding the state of your financial affairs, your personal property, the estate planning goals you have, how to cover the needs of your loved ones after your passing or disability and your healthcare wishes.

Somekh & Associates will ensure that your wishes are carried out, and continue to manage your estate so you can rest assured that your benefactors are being taken care of.

Some of the ways Somekh & Associates can help are:

• Prepare a Power of Attorney in case of disability.

• Drafting all manner of trusts, including living trusts and irrevocable trusts.

• Developing plans to lower or avoid estate taxes and make sure that your property and savings are not taken by creditors after your death.

• Will preparation.

• Manage the probate process if required.

• Advice in guardianship or conservatorship matters.


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